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Mission: ÚtilVigo covers all the needs of companies looking for committed and reliable collaborators in the high precision machining field, capable of obtaining synergy from a qualitative standpoint. ÚtilVigo emphasises, within the current market, product and process quality offering total commitment to the deadlines, raw materials and treatments certifications and the very best after-sales services.  The company provides the necessary means to ensure their customers the final quality of their products

Vision: The aim of ÚtilVigo is to achieve sustained growth based on internationalization, market diversification and product quality. It has established the need to provide the organisation with comparative advantage over other competitors as its main support tool for progress. This advantage operates as much from the technical standpoint, as from that of human resources. Because of this, the management will evolve operationally in order to obtain the premises connected to the corporate vision.

Values: ÚtilVigo promulgates within its organisation the following values to be implemented in all departments:
·           Customer focus
·           Commitment with process, product and quality specifications
·           Feel of belonging to a mutual project
·          Development, growth and ongoing improvement of the company and its members.

Financiado por:
Xunta de Galicia, IGAPE